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Poster Contest Rules

1st Place: $500.00
2nd Place: $200.00

1. Contest open to all ages and all ALASKAN residents.

2. Entry MUST be exactly 18 inches by 24 inches, paper or canvas, must be rollable.

3. Entry must be finished and suitable for reproduction.

4. Entry must be an original design.

5. Entry must have a "Tripod" shape incorporated in the design.

6. Entry must say "An Alaskan Tradition Since 1917".

7. Entry must say "Nenana Ice Classic" and the contest year, 2021.

8. Entries must be received by the (2nd) Wednesday of November at 5 PM or post marked no later than Nov. 11, 2020.

9. Late or unfinished entries will not be accepted.

10. Entries maybe any colors and any medium suitable for reproduction.

11. The winning and runner-up designs become the sole property of the Nenana Ice Classic for their exclusive use for one full year. The poster may be reproduced as pins, brochures, advertising, marketing supplies, etc. by the Nenana Ice Classic.

12. No names on the front of the entry until after judging is complete. Names, mailing address and phone numbers must be on the back of the entry.

13. If your poster is not selected and you would like it returned contact the Ice Classic office after Dec 1, 2020 to make arrangements to have it returned. If arrangements haven't been made by Dec 31, 2020 entries will be discarded.

14. The contest winners will be notified after the November 19, 2020 regular meeting of the Board of Directors.

For more information or questions please call 907-388-8656