As of April 12th, the Tripod is leaning towards the south bank of the Tanana River, the ice underneath the Tripod is very soft and rotting. There is a channel that is open and running river water in front of the Tripod.

Upstream from the Tripod just on the other side of the railroad bridge,the channel on the south bank of the river is running. The river has risen about 8 inches from run off out of the hills. The anchor ice is starting to break loose.

The temperature today reached a high of 46 degrees and the low is supposed to hit 32 degrees. With warmer evenings we will see more channels cut into the river ice.

If we are able to get more aerial picture we will post them. The clock is hooked up and the watchman are on duty 24/7 until the ice breaks up and the Tripod moves to stop the clock.
Good luck with your guesses! We will keep the site updated as changes occur.