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Nenana Ice Classic 2017


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The Tanana River Ice Officially Broke Up and Went Out at 12 Noon May 1st, 2017!

2017 Jackpot is $267,444!

The 42 Winners are:

-Julie Findley

-Elizabeth Locklar

-K Gruner

-Michael Jackman

-Ismael Matveev

-Janell Morgan

-BRS Pool

-Fred Monrean

-Matt Butler

-Daniel M Martin

-Helen Bowers

-Susan Slicker

-Cambria Spring

-James R Gooden

-Bryan Love

-FMH Lab Pool

-Dorothy Luchansky

-Ulta Gals

-Gary S Folger

-Steve Teipi

-Lawrence Pallozzi

-Robert Ives

-Suzanne Maestas


-Kenneth G Coe

-Charles W Brown

-Denali Dawgs

-Jacqueline Mauldin

-Julie Kotila

-Food Group

-Martin Wernet

-Manley & Brautigam, P.C.

-Marie Graham

-Leann Hammer

-Foxy Ladies

-Kevin Lockwood

-Paula White

-Robert Alstrom

-Robert Crowe

-Allie Grazulis

-Mike Morelli

-Phil's Petaluma Pool

The winning tickets came from the Following Locations:

-Alfred Starr Cultural Center, Nenana

-Nenana ICe CLassic Office, Nenana

-Three Bears KGB Rd, Wasilla

-Alaska Communication Company

-Brooks Range Supply, Prudhoe Bay

-Safeway, Juneau

-Safeway, Kenai

-Safeway, Abbot Lp, Anchorage

-Safeway, North Pole

-Salcha Store, Salcha

-Safeway, Airport Rd, Fairbanks

-Arctic Bowl, Fairbanks

-Safeway, Bentley, Fairbanks

-Fred Meyer, East Fairbanks

-Just A Store, Fairbanks

-Gold Hill Liquor, Fairbanks

-Gulliver's Books, Fairbanks

-Ivory Jacks, Fairbanks

-Garden Island Party Store, Fairbanks

-Frontier Outfitters, Fairbanks

-Midnight Mine, Fairbanks

-Pikes Landing, Fairbanks

-Sourdough Fuel, Fairbanks

Thank you for participating in and following the Nenana Ice Classic!

Below you will find a video of the Tripod going out!







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The Date and Time stamp across the top are not the official time of the Nenana Ice Classic.

Camera provided by TecPro.  Deployment by Borealis Broadband